VentureNet Iowa connects ideas to resources,
management, and investors, to create jobs and
build businesses in Iowa.


WHAT does VentureNet Iowa mean by connecting companies to resources?
We have developed relationships with some of Iowa’s top experts and successful
high-level management candidates to help the entrepreneur take the new company
to the next level.


WHO does VentureNet Iowa assist?
Job creation exists in maximizing the potential businesses in the areas of:


•    Biosciences
•    Advanced manufacturing
•    Value-added agriculture
•    Information technology


HOW does VentureNet Iowa help build companies in Iowa?
Through assisting entrepreneurs who have an idea for a product or a service and
helping them develop the structure, create the model, and assemble an effective management team.


VentureNet Iowa is helping the State grow its economy and qualified workforce in
order to sustain its economic future.

Interested in joining the VentureNet Iowa team? Check here for openings.